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FDA: Food From Cloned Animals Safe To Eat

A 678-page report released by the Food and Drug Administration yesterday went a long way toward clearing the way for a handful of biotechnology companies that intend to use cloning to mass-produce some of the nation's finest meat--and milk--producing animals. The FDA's analysis concludes that milk and meat from cloned animals pose no unique risks to consumers.

The decision, subject to change after a period of public comment, stops short of approving the sale of food from clones and leaves in place, for now, a long-standing government request that farmers keep their clones off the market.

Even if a positive decision sails through, consumers will have to wait awhile for their first clone burger. Fewer than 1,000 cloned animals are living on U.S. farms, out of tens of millions of cattle and pigs.

Opponents--including some who doubt the safety of cloned food and others concerned about the welfare of the animals--vow to fight the new momentum toward approval.



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