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Many thanks to helpful readers Lance Hooper and Geene Rees who provided more information on PDA usage and gave the E-mail Diva some extra time to watch the Wisconsin-Arkansas game on New Year's Day. Happy 2007 to all!

Dear E-mail Diva,

Here are some stats for you:

Penetration of Smartphones in Europe and the U. S. Among Recent Phone Buyers

Western Europe 8.8%
Italy 19.2%
Spain 9.5%
U.K. 7.5%
Germany 4.9%
Sweden 3.6%
France 3.5%
USA 3.8%

Per Ken Schacter in Red Herring:

"On-the-go Americans, aided by the proliferation of smartphones, have doubled their usage of mobile e-mail usage in six months, according to data released Monday. By the end of September, 6 percent of U.S. consumers were checking e-mail on mobile phones versus 3 percent in March, according to consumer and retail researcher The NPD Group. Bill Choi, an analyst at Jeffries & Co., said the increase in shipments of smartphones has prompted users to explore new services. Manufacturers like Nokia and Motorola are expected to ship about 80 million smartphones worldwide this year, he said. Though smartphones represent only about 8 percent of the total, that still represents year-over-year growth of almost 50 percent."



Lance Hooper
Senior Product Development Manager
Echoworx Corp.

Dear E-mail Diva,

Because of the lack of information regarding PDA and e-mail usage, we put together a survey for 100 "family and friends" and found the following:

ISP usage breakdown

  • 41% Blackberry Messages
  • 22% Outlook
  • 17% Yahoo
  • 16% Gmail
  • 5% Treo

    Describe how you choose to open?

  • 49% from specific people
  • 22% open all
  • 17% based on subject line
  • 11% based on preview

    If you decide not to open, what do you do?

  • 37% never open
  • 25% save and open w/in 24 hours
  • 24% save and sometimes open
  • 14% open w/in 48 hours

    What do you do with e-mails that render badly?

  • 54% save and read on laptop or desk top
  • 27% delete them
  • 19% ignore them

    Geene Rees
    Marketing Strategy Director
    Acxiom Digital

    Whether 1% or 100% of your audience is reading your e-mail on the small screen, the principles of good marketing still apply: collect preferences, be relevant, provide value.

    Good Luck!

    The E-mail Diva

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