Food Network Breaks Online Campaign For 'Ace of Cakes'

The Food Network, this week, is getting a little help from to launch a Web-wide ad campaign promoting the network's latest creation, Ace of Cakes.

To pitch the show about a graffiti artist reborn as a pastry chef, created out-of-banner visuals around the anatomy of a cake. The units, which launched Monday, expand when rolled-over to reveal its actual ingredients. And by rolling over the ad's "hotspots," users can watch a video clip of how that part was made. The ads also contain an introduction to the star chef, along with a link to the show's microsite,

Led by Doug Rowell, creative director, the agency experimented with ad-placement beyond traditional site placement. In a co-branded partnership with YouTube, for instance, Ace of Cakes video and ads are now running on both YouTube's home page and other pages directing users to the show's YouTube page. In addition, expandable ads are being placed in AIM buddy list windows, showing video clips of the show. worked with media agency MediaStorm and Filter, Food Network's offline agency, to develop this campaign. Banner ads for the campaign are also running across, VH1's Web site, and Gawker, among other sites.

For several years, The Food Network has deferred to on several campaigns, including its "Way More than Cooking" re-branding campaign in late 2005, as well as a campaign for Food Network personality Alton Brown last year.

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