I'm not obsessed...I'm savvy. Ok, I'm obsessed.

There are a few things in life that I could not live with out (family, friends, and love). Additionally, there is no doubt in my mind that I could not live with out my iBook (G4) and the Internet. I am obsessed…crazy obsessed.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is grab my laptop (which resides next to my bed) and check my Internet. When I go to bed I make sure to check my email. I could say that the reason that I check my email is because I am a teacher…but really I am just scared that I will get an email from a family/friend asking me to come home because of a tragedy.

I know that sounds slightly crazy, but I worry about them. Considering the – how shall we say it…interesting life I have had, I have grown accustom to phone calls, emails, and letters of bad news. I know if there was a problem my family would call my cell phone and because I know this I keep it on full volume all night. During the day I check my email and Facebook…um…obsessively. When I think about the time I have spent on online I wonder how I have managed to get my bachelors degree and stay close to my family. Wow.

I used to date a guy who was obsessed – this was before my obsession – and he would tell me that he was just going to quickly check his messages before we went to bed. He also had a laptop, so we would both sit in bed (me on my Mac) and him on his…PC (shudder). Now, when someone tells me that they are checking their “mail” I think email, but to him “mail” meant his two emails, Facebook, Myspace, Livejournal, and a slew of other websites. So, I would wait for almost an hour before he would finish.

To combat my boredom while waiting I became more involved in other online addictions. This past year someone introduced me to myspace, yikes. This website has taken over my life. As of right now I check my Myspace, Facebook, Livejournal, 2 emails, and other websites. I am not as bad as my ex, because I am in every way better than he. But I do wonder how I have managed to have friends and get a degree.

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