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CBS Finalizing Super Bowl Deals

  • Ad Age, Monday, January 29, 2007 12:01 PM
The sales staff at CBS has been late as they wrap up some last-minute Super Bowl ad deals. Even trips to the gym at lunchtime have been banned until every spot is gone. Agencies report the line is now "make me a serious offer." However, one common category is pretty much AWOL this year: Hollywood.

Only two movie studios have bought time thus far: Walt Disney Co. and Lionsgate, although Paramount and Sony have pregame spots. John Bogusz, CBS executive vice president, sports sales, says the movie category is "squishy," but beer, autos and pharmaceuticals are all sold.

Spots have gone to about 25 marketers so far. and its "coming down to a handful of units," he adds. The network is also holding the line on pricing, he claims, not moving far from its original $2.6 million asking price for a 30-second ad. But some agency execs say the net is pushing "fourth-quarter scraps" for far less--as little as half that price.



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