Mercedes Launching Showroom On Island In Second Life

  • February 20, 2007
Mercedes is following Nissan, Scion, and Pontiac--as well as some 30 other brands like Sony, American Apparel, and Adidas--into the Matrix-like virtual world of Second Life.

The company said that on Tuesday, it will launch an "island" in the digital South West district of Second Life. Inhabitants will be able to visit a virtual showroom and drive virtual Mercedes-Benz cars on a virtual track.

Mercedes will also launch the showroom with a concert.

At the showroom, Mercedes will have vehicle presentations, a stage and video screen for visitors to see films and TV advertisements. Visitors will be able to download a compilation of songs from Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape collection for free, and every visitor will be presented with a virtual Formula 1 racing suit and a helmet as a gift.

But Mercedes, like others who market in Second Life, is also providing its own portal to the landscape, via And during the launch of its Second Life presence, Mercedes will have a virtual PR person at the dealership for members of the media, or virtual doppelgangers of real reporters.

According to Linden Lab--the San Francisco-based company that created Second Life--there are 3,664,703 "residents," 1,253,228 who logged in within the past two months, and roughly 25,091 online at press time.



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