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Weather Channel Claims Best Ad Recall

  • TV Week, Thursday, February 22, 2007 11:30 AM
The Weather Channel is pushing new research it says shows that a combination of ads on its cable network and Web site lead to higher recall than those of other networks.

As part of its upfront pitch, Weather Channel has worked with media buyer OMD on a study on ad recall by research company ASI. But unlike past studies, this one looks at both cable and the Web to measure their combined effectiveness. It found that ads on Weather Channel were recalled by 19 percent of consumers participating in the study, compared to 14 percent for USA Network and 14 percent for HGTV. And when consumers saw ads on both the cable channel and Web site, recall rose to 23 percent on Weather.

Liz Janneman, senior vice president, national ad sales, says recall is high on the Weather Channel because it has fewer spots per break so fewer viewers tune out while waiting for programs to resume. They are also paying more attention because they are looking for specific information. Last year, the channel became the only net to guarantee ratings on a minute by minute basis.



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