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GM Revises "Robot" Ad

  • Adweek, Friday, February 23, 2007 11:30 AM
A revised "Robot" spot for General Motors, minus a controversial suicide scene, will air Sunday during the Academy Awards telecast on ABC. The scene, part of a dream sequence, drew the ire of mental health and suicide prevention groups.

It was part of a spot portraying a robot on the assembly line that gets canned for dropping a bolt, toils through a series of low-end jobs and then leaps from a bridge - -just as he awakens from a nightmare. The new effort loses the jump in favor of a bad dream and a shot of a car being compacted in a scrap yard.

Groups including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, had protested the original GM ad, along with a recent Volkswagen spot showing a despondent man on a building ledge. A GM insider said the original "Robot" ad -- aired on the Super Bowl -- prompted the "most calls of any" from the automaker in the past five years.



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