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ABC Fate Riding On 'Lost'?

ABC's "Lost," once almost as popular as it was impenetrable, has bled viewers since returning from a three-month hiatus. While this week's episode was up 110,000 viewers from last week's all-time low of 12.84 million, it is still well behind the times when it routinely drew more than 20 million. ABC could go down with it.

The network is sure to get a bounce this week off the Academy Awards and even in a down year, that show is reliably one of the most-watched attractions each season. But since the "Idol" season began on Fox, ABC has slipped from first place to third, barely above NBC as a hot fall has turned to a cold winter.

ABC has seen gains on Thursday, thanks to the move of "Grey's Anatomy," but it is down a lot on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. "Ugly Betty" has drawn a following, but other new shows, such as "Day Break," "Knights of Prosperity" and "The Nine," have been busts. They challenged viewers, but viewers were tired of challenges, which may be why the network now is weighing a fall spinoff from "Grey's." At least that's a known commodity in a familiar genre.



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