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Univision To Be Slapped With Record Fine

Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is going to be hit with the largest fine ever by the Federal Communications Commission for misrepresenting a soap opera as educational programming for kids. At issue is a show -- "Complices al Rescate" -- about 11-year-old identical twin girls who swap identities after discovering they have been separated at birth.

The debacle is going to cost Univision, the nation's largest Hispanic network, $24 million. It is also expected to signal broadcasters that they are expected to meet their required quota of shows that educate and inform children after years of permissive oversight.

The penalty, part of a settlement that will allow the company to proceed with a buyout deal, is almost triple the previous record of $9 million levied on Qwest for violating telephone interconnection rules and nearly seven times the $3.5 million "indecency" fine laid on Viacom for remarks by Howard Stern and other radio "shock jocks."



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