Why fight it?

I read an article today about how Purdue University has the second largest population of students who are illegally downloading music. I did a yahoo search for free downloading sites that produced 11,200,000 links. Now, while I'm sure that not all of them were relevant to my particular topic, I wonder why it is that if there are so many sites available to download "free" music then why is it such a problem, especially for college students?

College is all about finding an angle, a way to find free stuff, that is one of those unofficial lessons that you learn and music is no different. Ball State sent out an email a while back including a link to a site that had free music and movie downloads, that were made available to anyone with a Ball State username and password.

What I wonder is: Why don't the different record companies produce their own sites with a higher quality sound and bigger selection, instead of trying to play games with the release dates of the albums? They should be trying to create these sites and to make up the money that they've lost by increasing the number of advertisers that place ads on their sites that would appeal to their target audiences.



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