Maybe I'm Amazed

The last decade has been littered with attempts by governing parties to regulate, deregulate and/or re-regulate the media. The stated paraphrased federal agency goals were to:

  • Establish broadcast ownership limits promoting "diversity, localism and competition" that the courts would uphold.

  • Write rules that recognize "the explosion of new media outlets for news information and entertainment."

  • Strike a balance that would allow media deal-making "while ensuring that no company can monopolize the medium."

    The unresolved biggies include (in non-hierarchical order):

  • Multiple ownership of TV stations in the same market

  • National television station ownership (single market and multiple)

  • Dual broadcast network ownership

  • Broadcast/ newspaper/ radio cross ownership

  • V-chip utilization/ parental controls



  • Radio station group ownership (single market and multiple)

  • Cable system operators' ownership of programming on their systems

  • Cable system operators' and broadcast stations' cross ownership

  • Cable system operators' penetration of national viewership

  • Cable subscription fees

  • Satellite operators' ownership programming on their system

  • Satellite operators' and broadcast stations' cross ownership

  • Satellite subscription fees

  • Satellite/ cable/ broadcast cross ownership

  • Teleco/ cable/ satellite cross ownership

  • Net neutrality

  • The nation's transition from analog to digital broadcasting

  • Enforcing cable card deployment

  • Must-carry broadcast transmissions for all digital terrestrial channels

  • Program availability via fair and equitable licensing arrangements

  • The sanctity of copyright

  • The efficacy of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    Will someone please tell me "why the f..." the FCC is concentrating a majority of its intellect on indecency? I am allowed to write "why the f..." Maybe I'm amazed. How 'bout you.

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