Can We Talk?

Every day, every one of us uses a whole range of software to do a variety of typically related tasks. So, it seems obvious that each of the softwares that we use be able to communicate with its brother software. We all know this is not the case. Why?

Why is it that I can't open my formatted text document from Word into Adobe Illustrator or InDesign without have to redo everything that I had already done? Yeah, the content is there, but that's all.

Sadly, this problem isn't restricted to formatting text. It applies to 3D Modeling, image or video editing, you name it. This is one of the main reasons I use Rhinoceros 3D to do my 3D modeling. In my experience, it is the most competent 3D data exporter and communicates to all major platforms. It does make a difference.

This seems like an extremely pressing issue since as our software technology develops we are realizing that it isn't just one software that's going to do it all. You're going to be playing conductor of 20 different softwares just to complete one project because; Illustrator does vector information best, Flash does web content best, Rhino does 3D modeling best, AutoCAD is the current standard for CD's, GenerativeComponents does parametric modeling best, FormZ renders 3D models best, Photoshop edits images best, Maya animates best, etc..

So, as a message to the softwares out there, GET IT TOGETHER.



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