Reader Comment of the Week

I quit Facebook the other day.

People ask me a shocked, ” Why!?” and I tell them it was just one more thing to monitor and there was a little bit of drama that came with it. I realized that I had too many accounts online for communication.

I took a look at the list and Facebook seemed to be the most expendable to me. I liked being able to keep in touch with so many people and being informed, but I didn’t like how everyone is in everyone else’s business. Some people like that kind of social atmosphere, but I’m not really one of those kinds of people.

And don’t get me wrong, I think everyone can appreciate the aspect of Facebook that gives everyone an easy transition out of an awkward moment when bumping into someone you haven’t seen since high school, and having a chit-chat conversation, and then the comment from them (or you): “We should catch up sometime.” And knowing you don’t really want to swap numbers, but you don’t want to leave them hanging, and so you bring out the, “Yeah! Facebook me!”...and it’s done. Thank you, Facebook.



But, even though I lost a few hundred “friends” I still opted out. The funny part was that when I clicked to terminate my account, a page came up that asked why. There were about 10 choices you could click on that were, I guess, common reasons why people quit Facebook. So, I started clicking and as I clicked each choice, there was a bubble of text that had a solution. One of the choices was “too much drama”. I thought that was funny, and then when I clicked on it, it gave me all kinds of pointers as to how to try again and avoid drama as much as possible. Then it finally lets you quit, but invites you back as soon as possible, which is nice. I haven’t suffered any withdrawal, just a few friends that are disappointed in me and think I’m crazy.

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