Creating A Successful Online Video Campaign

As online video advertising becomes more prevalent, the question of what goes into creating a successful video campaign becomes increasingly important. We have already seen that, as in all forms of advertising, some campaigns just come together better than and outperform others. We have seen that there are several areas that in varying degrees are critical to the success of a video campaign.

Some of the most successful campaigns we have seen are when clients execute a campaign that includes multiple targeting schemes, placements and creatives. This gives vendors and publishers the opportunity to try different things and report back on the learnings that can be used for future initiatives.

For example, one campaign utilized both Web-only video and repurposed broadcast spots. The company tested both so it could compare click and recall results between the two creatives. Much to the surprise of company strategists, the repurposed broadcast spot had a 25% higher click-through rate and resulted in higher consumer recall. There's been a lot of discussion lately about the need to bring Web-only assets to interactive campaigns. In many cases, unique and interesting digital content should be created, but when an advertiser does have strong broadcast creative, there is no reason not to leverage those assets online. At the time, this particular company was in the middle of an extensive broadcast spend so the collaboration across both mediums made strategic sense.



The campaign also included a companion ad, which turned out to be where the company learned the most. Through extensive A-B testing, it was able to conclude that standard JPEG and GIF images outperformed the accompanying rich media placements when it came to click-through rates. One test included running a companion video next to the video player itself, which from a click-through standpoint significantly underperformed. The creative that included more direct calls to action and benefits messaging delivered a click-through rate of nearly two times the video companion ad.

Overall, the company's perspective was to continue testing, refining and evaluating video -- because the possibilities are endless.

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