• Survey: Streaming Subscribers Would Pay $33 For Services; 75% Claim No Interest In New Ones
    The cost threshold is somewhat higher than recent research among all adults. Disney+ fared best among yet-to-come streaming services.
  • Help For Poor Video (Especially Live Streaming) Experience May Be On The Way
    The use of new-breed tech capable of reducing video delays and multi-device playback problems is on the rise, the latest Bitmovin video developer survey finds.
  • Vudu's 'Mr. Mom' Reboot Marks The Start Of Something Big
    It's the first original content from the Walmart-owned ad-supported streamer, which is wooing advertisers with large-scale, transaction-based targeting and shoppable ad formats.
  • Location-Based Ad Fraud: Probably Worse Than You Think
    Between 30% and 80% of location ad spend is being wasted due to inaccurate, poor-quality, and fraudulent location data, according to an analysis by data intelligence company Location Sciences.
  • Apple TV+ To Launch In November, More Disney+ Details Also Emerge
    Apple TV+ may be priced at $9.99 per month. Disney+ will be available on Android, iOS and other major platforms.
  • 'OTT Affluencers' Wield Outsized Influence...And Welcome Advertising
    Advertisers and platforms would do well to pay close attention to Ipsos's revealing data about the spending and influence power of affluents who are heavily into streaming services.
  • Tubi Takes On The Big Guys With Cheeky Urban Campaign
    Billboards in four major markets encourage viewers to "cheat" on paid Netflix and Hulu with Tubi's "totally free premium content."
  • Let's Get Real About Tech And The Consumer 'Experience'
    At this point, not having their financial information and privacy routinely violated would certainly "surprise and delight" consumers.
  • Will Users Ever Get Centralized, Cross-Platform Video Content Access?
    Ultimately, platforms that expect to survive the Darwinian streaming environment won't have the luxury of denying viewers what they deserve: respect for their time and interests.
  • Why Netflix Will Never Become Ad-Supported
    On the eve of Netflix's Q2 earnings report Wednesday, it's worth reviewing some of the important milestones it has achieved, as well as speculation on where it might go next.
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