• Netflix Gains Access To 300M Global Pay-TV Homes Via 'Onboarding' Deals
    Set-top-box integration deals with more than 100 big pay-TV operators around the world have made Netflix an option in many major global markets -- a still-growing prospect pool that's a powerful weapon in its drive to continue rapid global growth.
  • EOS Taps TikTok Creators For The Holidays... Plus, Some TiKTok Tips
    The beauty brand's second TikTok campaign, #AwesomeKiss, builds on a very successful first effort, with holiday-themed videos by 20-plus creators being run over eight days, starting Nov. 1.
  • Disney+ May Not Have Been Hacked, But There's Still A Problem (And Not Just For Disney)
    The real problem may be mostly a password security issue that is partly users' fault, say experts, but streaming services will need to take their own steps and grapple with complications as more people subscribe to multiple sites.
  • Time To Get (Seriously) Serious About Universal Ad-ID Adoption
    Sixteen years after its inception, the Ad-ID still isn't being consistently used in the industry -- despite the urgent need in today's fragmented, cross-platform environment to manage creative assets for reporting and consumer experience reasons, as well as workflow and financial accounting needs..
  • Streaming Video Quality Is Improving, But 40% Of Ad Starts Fail
    Average ad start-up time is 1.14 seconds, and 4% of viewers exit before an ad starts, according to Conviva's first report of true average streaming ad performance data, gathered in Q3.
  • The Age Of Shoppable TV Ads, On A Mass Scale, Has Arrived
    Having tested live, shoppable TV ads that let viewers use their phones and onscreen QSRs to connect to brands' ecommerce sites, NBCU is now rolling them out to its unscripted programming, including "Sunday Night Football."
  • Local Ad Agencies Using Video Across Platforms
    Digital audio ads are also common components of the local media mix employed by agencies, a Borrell poll shows.
  • Handicapping Apple TV+'s Potential
    Despite Apple's 1 billion device user base globally, will its iOS device-only reach limit its initial growth? Will its lack of original content and library (not to mention no licensed content as yet) prove liabilities? Predictions are all over the place.
  • Content: A Tougher, Even More Crucial, Challenge Than Metrics
    Facebook's proposed $40 million settlement and advertiser pressures may help ensure greater metrics transparency going forward, but the "safety" issues surrounding video and other content are the toughest and most critical of all.
  • TV Analyst: Wall St. Not So Bullish About Streaming
    The market is "telling television to change quickly," but is leery of streaming, says TV and radio analyst Marci Ryvicker. Her advice: "Do something different" -- meaning develop emerging advertising opportunities.
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