• Netflix U.S. AVOD Subs Surpass 1M, Disney+ Churn Minimal After No-Ads Price Hike
    While it’s still very early days, launching ad-supported tiers seems to be paying off for both Netflix and Disney+. After a Netflix’s Basic with Ads tier, launched on November 3, grew to more than 1 million monthly active user accounts in the U.S. by the end of its second month, according to a Bloomberg report based on having seen Netflix internal data.  And after initially needing to refund some Basic with Ads advertisers because it missed viewership guarantees due to lack of inventory, Netflix reportedly has been delivering on its viewership promises to advertisers.  Still, it’s not clear whether the …
  • Analysis: User Spending Plateau Is Bad Omen For 'Non-Essential' SVODs
    A new survey shows Peacock and Apple TV+ rank low in subscriber perceptions of how "essential" various premium streamers are, while monthly consumer spend on SVODs has plateaued.
  • U.S. Livestreamed Ecommerce To Grow 57% In 2023
    Marketers are learning what incentives and formats appeal to consumers, and how to use data and emerging tech to deliver personalized, interactive experiences.
  • Viewers Confirm Influence Of 'Tune-In' Ads
    A survey confirms the importance of communicating the specifics of when and where viewers can watch a show.
  • Family Co-Viewing Up, Linear May Be Benefitting From Parents' Content Concerns
    53% of kids in a new global study report watching live linear at least once per week, vs. 55% saying the same about streaming. Parents' concerns about content are influencing media consumption patterns.
  • Wait A Minute: Super Bowl Streaming Delays Ranged Up To 77 Seconds
    Social media and texting behaviors are affected when livestreaming lags real time sports action, notes Phenix, which measured delays during the game.
  • Pinterest Leans Into Shoppable Video As It Hits 450M Users
    The platform is pushing to make every existing and new short-form video shoppable, execs reported in yesterday's Q4 earnings call.
  • Most Media Consumption Down in Q4, Including Paid Streaming
    Although U.S. consumers' consumption of most media has declined in the last three months, consumption of free streaming services was stable to slightly higher, according to Attest surveys.
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