• ViacomCBS Unveils Global Streaming Structure, Headed By Pluto TV's Ryan
    Marc DeBevoise, ViacomCBS chief digital officer and ViacomCBS Digital president/CEO, will leave the company after serving as an advisor for a transitional period ending at year's end.
  • AVODs: U.S. Users Hit 17%; Audience Older, Less Wealthy Than SVODs'
    Nearly one in five U.S. internet users report watching AVOD services in Q3 -- up from 13% in Q3 2019, per Ampere Analysis research, which also finds that AVODs and SVODs are to a significant degree not competing directly for the same audience.
  • Nearly A Quarter Of Streaming Adults Use AVOD Regularly
    Compared to 21% of streaming adults who use AVOD regularly, 69% report watching subscription-based video services/SVODs regularly, and 10% report watching virtual MVPDs regularly, according to a just-released VAB survey.
  • New Solution Enables Retargeting pDOOH Ad Viewers At Home, On CTV
    In the latest development in targeting and retargeting ads across previously siloed media, Accretive Media says it can identify targeted consumers who saw an ad on its outdoor screens, then let the brand deliver a follow-up ad on their home CTV screens.
  • Streaming Services Are A 'Wild West' For Political Ads, Mozilla Finds
    A study of six ad-supported streamers graded YouTube TV best and Sling TV worst when it comes to political ad factors including transparency, targeting and potential for abuse.
  • Retail, Marketing Video Views, Time Watched Up Triple Digits In Q2
    Not surprisingly, computers lost share to smartphones and CTV. And CTV, while still commanding small shares, showed the largest growth percentages.
  • Global Video Games Market Projected To Exceed $200B By 2023
    Mobile and cloud gaming -- and subscriptions -- will drive growth, even as revenue from stand-alone game purchases declines, says Juniper Research.
  • 78% Of U.S. Households Now Have One Leading SVOD Service; 55% Have Two Or More
    In comparison, in 2018, 69% reported subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, reports Leichtman Research Group. And 40% of U.S. adults now stream an SVOD daily.
  • Disney Projected To Yield 19% Of Total Sales From Streaming This Year
    Diisney+ and Hulu will drive Disney D2C revenue of $11.2 billion this year, estimates Macquarie Research -- far exceeding streaming's contribution to total revenues for other big entertainment players--except Lions Gate.
  • Q2 Video Views Up 64% In North America, 40% Globally; CTV Leads Growth
    CTV's share of video views is still small, but grew to 3% by the end of Q2 -- up from 2% in the year-ago period.
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