• Disgust And Positive Sentiments Both Drive Video Ad Sharing: Groundbreaking Study
    In the first large-scale study of facial expressions used to study emotions, and their relationship to video ad sharing, sadness depressed response, but disgust, along with pleasurable emotions, increased sharing.
  • Pluto TV Ad Revenue +78% in 2020, On Track For $1B+ By 2022: eMarketer
    Pluto TV and other free, ad-supported streaming services will face greater competition for subs and advertising as fragmentation increases, however.
  • Disney+ Rivals Netflix On Loyalty In New Survey
    Among U.S. consumers who report adding streaming services during the pandemic, 77% say they will definitely keep Disney+, while just 7% say they will definitely drop it.
  • Password Sharing 'Costs' Streamers $25B Per Year In Potential Revenue, $6B for Netflix: Analyst
    However, such theoretical revenue estimates don't account for the potentially significant financial risks in alienating the subscriber base.
  • Free Streaming Trials Continue To Dwindle: Sling TV Latest To Curtail The Offer
    Amid mounting competition and costs, free trials are increasingly being dropped or curtailed by streamers looking to improve stickiness and their bottom lines.
  • Why Is Oprah's Palace Coup MIA On Paramount+? Streaming Further Complicates The Rights Maze
    For reasons not entirely clear, ViacomCBS also sold the streaming rights to the Paramount hit "Coming 2 America" to Amazon instead of using it to boost the Paramount+ launch.
  • New Instagram Tool Enables Multiple Livestream Participants
    Live Rooms expands the number of Live participants possible from one to three, allowing for new formats and expanded reach.
  • Adding OTT/CTV To Movie, TV Show Promo Campaigns Pays
    Analyses of Comcast client campaigns promoting movies and TV shows also provide insights about optimal campaign lengths and numbers of creative versions.
  • Apple TV+ Beating Disney+ In Growth Rate Among Affluent Millennials
    Acxiom consumer research suggests that Apple and other services may have an opportunity with some consumer segments that could be reaching maximum penetration with Disney+.
  • 60% Of Pay-TV Users Want Subs To Include Streaming Content From Online Video Services
    MVPDs need to offer video streaming and other advanced features as value-addeds to help stem the accelerating rate of pay-TV cancellations, new Parks Associates consumer research finds.
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