• 2019's Big Streaming Launches Take Shape
    Hulu and WarnerMedia used the Television Critics Association Winter press tour last week to tee up new programming,
  • YouTube's Long Game: To Become A Bit More Like Google
    "YouTube is a place where we see users not only come for entertainment, they come to find information -- they're coming to learn about things," says Google CEO Sundar Pichai.
  • Would Netflix Ever Sell To Apple?
    Rumors of such a tie-up were given new life this week after a JPMorgan research note suggested such a deal is "the best strategic fit" when looking at potential acquisitions in the video space. Of course, a good strategic fit isn't the only necessary component to a deal.
  • The Streaming Pricing Wars Are On
    Streaming video services' value is being rejiggered, built around research that suggests consumers have limited desire for more than a few offerings, and a budget or around $40 per month to spend.
  • Netflix Positions Itself For The Future
    Netflix this month revealed viewership numbers for the first time around "Bird Box" and raised its prices -- moves that point to a larger, longer-term strategy at play.
  • Streaming Video At CES 2019: The Big Get Bigger, While New Players Join The Field
    Next year's CES will see the streaming video landscape transformed as AT&T launches its streaming service and Disney gains control of Hulu and launches its Disney+ service.
  • What Will 2019 Bring For Video Advertising And Streaming Video?
    Digital and streaming video continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, both in terms of consumer adoption, advertiser adoption, and technological change. If the news that has already trickled out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is any indication, 2019 is already poised to be a big one for the world of video.
  • Brands Lean Into The Distributed World Of Esports
    With a young, engaged audience, esports presents a new opportunity for advertisers and marketers looking for the next generation of sports fans, but the relatively nascent genre also brings pitfalls and risks. So teams, platforms and measurement companies are seeking to professionalize, giving marketers with more opportunities and more data, to better integrate their brands into esports content, and to provide a better return on investment.
  • Companies Rethink The TV Ad Model For OTT
    "It is clear to us that consumers are not going to stand for 16 minutes of ads per hour," Scott Rosenberg, the GM of Roku's platform business, says.
  • What Makes Content 'Premium,' Anyway?
    As YouTube makes its premium shows more widely available, marketers are increasingly realizing they don't just have to place their ads next to premium content -- their ads can be the premium content.
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