• Forget Everything You Know About Video Advertising
    With Apple's iPad only supporting HTML5 video (and not Flash), the push to HTML5 has been accelerated. For video advertisers, it is important to understand the effects of HTML5 and how video in the browser enables video advertising to launch to the next level.
  • Five Ways To Build On A Hit Video
    If you produce online videos, you've probably spent a lot of time thinking about what it will be like when your creation goes "viral." But the chances are you've spent significantly less time thinking about what will happen after your video takes the Internet by storm. Here's five tips for how you can best capitalize on a successful video, so that you don't just become a one-hit wonder.
  • Conan's Rethinking The Future Of Network Television -- And So Am I
    Not sure if you had the chance to catch Conan O'Brien's interview with Google, but I did, and I think he is onto something. In the interview, Conan talks about how network television is essentially becoming dated, referencing his recent split from "The Tonight Show" and how he has been reaching millions of fans through Twitter to promote his new TBS gig, as opposed to relying on television to reach his massive fan base. So what's next in terms of online content and television? Is there a fusion model out there where both can exist harmoniously?
  • 'Worlds Are Colliding'
    Like many men now in their 30s or 40s who lived in New York City in the '90s watching at least ten hours of TV per week, I still quote lines from "Seinfeld" in everyday conversation. This column's title comes from an episode where George Costanza is upset that his world with his friends is colliding with his very separate world with his girlfriend. I've had that episode pop in my head many times since I joined digital video network Smartclip. For the past 13 years, I have been focused on online advertising, and before that I was a part …
  • Content is King -- Sort Of
    It's hard to argue against the claim "content is king," but there's a bit of history in the media world that would suggest otherwise. Or at the very least, strongly suggest that there's room for two more thrones: distribution and mass audience.
  • Online Advertising Will Boom When Video Ads Replace Display Ads
    A couple of years ago, I was chatting with an executive at Fox and told him, "MySpace killed the online ad business," adding that the social networking giant's ballooning inventory of display ads depressed ad rates. He didn't seem to disagree, which made sense since we were talking about how the only solution to falling ad rates in display advertising was video content, inventory and ads. He added that all sites tend to sell out the premium real estate on their properties -- and without video inventory, they really cannot find ways of generating more revenue from ad sales. We …
  • Knead Dough? Who Cooks What In The Digital Video Kitchen
    If the goal is engaging viewers and growing viewership as well as making sure monetization efforts hit parity with traditional TV, where does a premium publisher start? What ingredients are critical to "make the dough rise"? What are the first investments? Which ingredients do online video publishers need on their list in order to build a profitable online video business? In short, what is the recipe for success for online video publishers?
  • What Is A Video Interaction Really Worth?
    There has been a lot of attention paid to online video advertising over the past several years. The number of video ad delivery vehicles has increased and the pricing for these units has been all over the map. This can be incredibly confusing and frustrating for anyone buying media in this space. Why are prices for each unit so divergent? How can I better determine if what I am buying is worth the investment? Answering these questions becomes much easier if we look at the foundations for pricing in video and work to evaluate the relative importance of these foundations …
  • A Penny for Your Thoughts?
    A few years ago Jeff Zucker, head of NBC Universal, was quoted warning that the media industry needed to be careful during this period of transformation not to "end up trading analog dollars for digital pennies." While his point is now quite famous, I'd argue that, as an industry, we're continuing to add pennies to the kitty, and building the pot for everyone. Today, the online video world continues to be dwarfed by traditional TV, but our day in the sun seems fast approaching.
  • A Tried-And-True Medium Migrates Online
    Just as advertisers use their proven offline technique -- the commercial -- on the Internet, whether in the form of an in-stream pre-roll or an in-page video banner, they are also sponsoring existing Web shows, cleverly incorporating their products into them, or they are creating their own unique shows altogether conceptualized to house their particular brand DNA within program narratives.
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