• Amazon's Prime Opportunity
    100 million people. According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' annual letter to shareholders, that's how many subscribers pay for Amazon Prime, the tech giant's bundled offering of free shipping, exclusive video content and other perks. In the world of streaming video, that number also means that Amazon is now officially the second-largest streaming video company in terms of subscribers.
  • Discovery Highlights OTT Offerings As Scripps Brands Folded In
    Discovery is figuring out how to embrace streaming video. For starters, the company is beginning to license its channels to "skinny bundles" like Philo TV. Philo, and competitors like Sling TV and YouTube TV, offering streaming bundles of cable channels at more affordable prices than the traditional cable or satellite bundle.
  • Streaming Sports Subscriptions Take Flight, But Will Consumers Buy In?
    This week is shaping up to be an important one for the world of streaming video as two services launch, each seeking to chart a new course for live sports.
  • 'HQ Trivia' Turns Mobile Video Ads Into An Event
    HQ, which until this point has not had ads or sponsors, last week turned on the advertising spigot. Just as the show tries to turn an app into a nightly event, the company's monetization strategy is similarly event-driven.
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