• Put The Video In Video Games
    As I spend more time in the video game world, both for work and pleasure, I see an increasing push by vendors to deliver in-game video advertising. Let's talk about where and how to best use video in gaming environments without aggravating me... I mean, the gamer.
  • How Publishers Drive Innovation By Pushing For Adobe's Latest Player
    Christmas (or take your pick of any other seasonal holiday) came early this year for rich-media companies and advertising agencies when MySpace, Yahoo and YouTube were among the publishers that pushed user-required Flash 8, enabling penetration rates to reach nearly 90 percent in less than 12 months.
  • Who Owns The Video Buy: Online or TV Buyers?
    As online video advertising heats up, the question becomes, who actually owns the budget and the buy? Typically, media planners and buyers specialize in their own medium and, when they combine this with others, create a total plan that offers the client a complete and well-rounded campaign. However, with the advent and growth of online video advertising, the lines are getting fuzzy. Is it an online buy or is it a TV buy?
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