• Looking for Video Search
    Being a search guy, I think of online video differently than others might. I love video on demand,, streaming trailers, sport clips, music videos, "Saturday Night Live" skits. Love it all. But what does this popularity tell us? Online video is the killer app--not fixed-place TVs, no matter how fancy or precise they get.
  • Video Killed The HTML Star
    First it killed the radio star (think MTV and look at the radio industry today). Now it's doing a number on the Web. The truth is, what the world doesn't need is more video junk. What we all yearn for is video that is relevant to us and engaging. Enter the video newsletter.
  • Next In Online Videos: We Interrupt Program For A Brief Message
    If you've been keeping up with recent news and announcements about in-stream video advertising, you know that pre-roll ads get all of the attention. For just a minute, I'd like to discuss the overlooked mid-roll ad format. It's not such a radical concept. I'd say it's been pretty successful in that other medium, TV.
  • Online Video Comes Of Age
    I recently promised myself that I would never again say "tipping point" or "perfect storm." Enough already. Yet, just as I've slipped on that daily gym workout resolution, I just can't think of another term to describe what is happening with online video than to call it a perfect storm.
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