• Number Of Video Ads Viewed Nearly Doubles YOY
    Whoa. We watched a lot of video ads in 2013. The number of video ads U.S. Internet viewers watched in November 2013 grew 74% over the same period a year ago.
  • The Holidays In Viral Video
    2013 turned out to be a banner year for video content marketing. Never before have we seen so many branded videos reach 20 million, 30 million, 40 million and 50 million views. And never before have videos reached those levels of viewership so quickly. The rate and consistency of viewership in 2013 shows how brands have not only embraced the medium, but also how they have a firm grasp of how to engage audiences.
  • 2014 Predictions: The Year Of Programmatic Video Advertising
    It's that time of year again -- when I make predictions for what's coming down the pike in digital video advertising in the coming year. What's in store for 2014?
  • Harnessing Cloud Flexibility For B2b Engagement
    It was said that 2013 would be the "Year of the Cloud," with an increase in the number of companies adopting B2C cloud computing strategies for video and other creative content. And we've seen that prediction hold true. The most successful and innovative media companies and corporations are taking advantage of the cloud's flexible nature for storing and sharing creative content, pushing content to traditional and mobile online platforms, harnessing online data points to track behavioral trends and real-time analytics, and tracking endless amounts of social media conversation statistics.
  • Video Ad Recall Higher on Tablets
    A YuMe-IPG Lab study has attempted to quantify the attention-grabbing nature of tablets, and found that tablet video viewers are 26% more likely to correctly recall the brands they saw advertised compared to TV viewers.
  • It's Time To Stop Casually Throwing Around The Word 'Viral'
    As brand and agency folk, it's easy for us to get all doe-eyed at the prospect of that next campaign spreading like wildfire and getting a billion YouTube views. We all have that underlying urge to attain our 15 minutes of Internet fame. We all want to tap into the mysterious power that animals, babies, and Asian pop sensations seem to naturally possess. But we're missing the point.
  • Getting Started In Video Production
    As the Web has wholeheartedly embraced video for both content and advertising, more small-business owners are looking to make their mark here. But that can be easier said than done for some, particularly those who have limited to no experience working with video. Many will opt to hire video editors or video platforms to run that side of their campaigns, while others will choose to keep these efforts in-house. The former can be pricey, depending on the situation. For those looking to keep the budget down a bit, learning these digital skills yourself can be the best option.
  • Q&A: Magnet Media's Megan Cunningham On Video Trends
    Megan Cunningham is founder/CEO of Magnet Media, Inc., known for its pioneering approach to reaching audiences through compelling storytelling on emerging platforms. She is respected for crafting innovative business models and producing compelling digital content for a number of leading media companies, technology companies and brands. Following are highlights of an interview in which she shared her thoughts on how video will evolve in 2014.
  • For Film Studios, Content Is No Longer King
    Traditionally, with a new year on the horizon, the major U.S. movie studios renew their passion for winning Oscars. As 2014 dawns, Warner Bros. is gung-ho over "Gravity," for example, while Universal is pinning its hopes on Ron Howard's "Rush." But those two studios have much more than film content on their minds these days. For 2014 will also mark the first full year when Warner and Universal are totally under the control of those who have been focused on distribution, not production. While production is obviously key to having great content to distribute, these days, the message from Time …
  • Millennials Watch Digital Video, Still Hard To Reach With Ads
    Young people are more digitally savvy right? They watch more video, play more games and spend more time in front of their screens, don't they? By and large, the answer is yes. And while logic would dictate that reaching them via digital venues is a slam-dunk, that's not actually the case. Millennials might watch more videos, but they are also more distracted while watching, meaning marketers have to work harder when it comes to brand recall and persuasion, according to a recent study from ad platform YuMe and IPG Media Lab.
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