• If Your Online Video Looks Bad
    Everybody is talking about when and why to use video, and I certainly have opinions about that, but nobody is talking about HOW to use video. The "how" part is not just a technical discussion, it's all about creating the best user experience.
  • Video, Video Everywhere...
    Consider this: A mere 12 months ago, few people anticipated the viability of mobile TV and user-generated video content channels like MTV's Uber. Video iPods weren't here yet, video search was truly in beta, and MySpace Music was so underground, it wasn't on most planners' radar screens.
  • Flash Point
    There has been no single recent initiative in rich media more important than the implementation and delivery of video in online ads.
  • A Call to Standards
    Unless you've been living on a remote island for the past year or so, you've undoubtedly been bombarded with the news that online video is rushing to become one of the key tactics in an overall interactive media buy. Yet with all the hype, why isn't inventory flooding out the door, with every single media planner scrambling to gather up every last impression?
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