• Exclusive Content May Not Be As Vital To Streaming Services As Some Think
    Is exclusive, original content the most important factor to having a successful streaming video service? Perhaps not, if a new survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers is any indication.
  • Facebook's Plan To Take On TV
    Facebook is in the midst of transforming the video content it hosts, reworking its viewing and advertising experience in a bid to capture more of the $70 billion in advertising dollars that currently flow to television.
  • Verizon's NFL Deal And Sports Streaming's Next Step
    Verizon's $2 billion NFL mobile rights deal marks a major change in the streaming sports landscape. Verizon has long paid handsomely for exclusive mobile rights to NFL games, but the newest arrangements signals a shift in strategy. While previous deals restricted mobile NFL viewing to Verizon customers, now anyone on any network can watch the games, provided they do so on a Verizon-owned platform like go90, or Oath properties like Yahoo Sports.
  • Media Companies Aim To Build 'Addicts' With Direct-To-Consumer Video Services
    For decades, most TV companies have sold their product through middlemen, mostly cable or satellite providers, bundling their channels inside of a larger lineup. As consumers cut or trim their cords, the value of the bundle erodes somewhat. It's becoming clearer that companies need to build a direct relationship to consumers.
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