• What Forms Will Original Video Take?
    Marketers appear bullish about video, so what can we expect? Perhaps more experimentation with campaigns using virtual reality and 360 video. There's also more interest in developing and owning original video programming that goes beyond product integration. And then there's Facebook.
  • Time Inc. Moves Into Social Video, Targets GenZ And Millennials With 'The Pretty'
    Eager to capture the attention of 16- to-35-year-old beauty enthusiasts, Time Inc. has launched "The Pretty," a new social video brand. What's notable is the all-video approach that offers how-tos, hacks, product information, and entertainment, plus the plan to target both GenZ -- starting at around age 16 -- in addition to Millennials.
  • Streams Of Live Events Lure Viewers
    If live streams like the Comey hearing are any indication, real-time events in conjunction with the social aspect of Twitter have a potent appeal. Beyond live streams, the digital video sandbox is getting crowded as Facebook, Snap, and Google have designs on the living room. Will Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix move out of the way? Doubtful.
  • A Slew Of Original Programming: How Much Is Too Much?
    There's tons of new digital video programming from over-the-top TV, cable, and broadcast networks. But how much is too much?
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