• Different Channels Demand Different Creative Skill Sets
    The velocity at which new media channels are appearing of late is almost dizzying, as creative agencies try to contemplate the best way to execute against each one. If you're a marketer considering which of your creative partners is best to develop compelling branded experiences for these fast-appearing new channels -- be it for branded widgets or "World of Warcraft" -- here are some things to consider.
  • Primordial Reorder -- Or Just A Shuffle?
    Just when everyone thought that the major broadcasters had all bought into video-on-demand in 2006 and that VOD would be THE outlet for demand-based broadcast content, a significant ripple hit the marketplace. That ripple (the overused convergence word)... well, call it Internet TV, and it is now driven by business folks, not the technocrats. The result is the emergence of the Internet as a controlled new vessel for broadcast-level television content -- one that can maintain the primordial content-to-commercial relationship, and that continues with cross-platforming branding.
  • Classic Videos Offer Advertisers Cultural Currency
    As advertisers and their agencies continue to ponder how to best capitalize on the daily eyeballs rushing to video platforms like YouTube and others, one of the many questions that looms large is, what's the correct ad model for reaching these online "viewsers"? Pre-roll? Post-roll? Banners only? Consumer-generated commercials? Agencies copying consumer-generated commercials? Many theories abound.
  • Creating A Successful Online Video Campaign
    As online video advertising becomes more prevalent, the question of what goes into creating a successful video campaign becomes increasingly important. We have already seen that, as in all forms of advertising, some campaigns just come together better than and outperform others. We have seen that there are several areas that in varying degrees are critical to the success of a video campaign.
  • Is it Live... Or Is It HDTV?
    Those who continue to wax poetic with gloomy prognostications about the "death of television" and the :30 commercial should have witnessed the premiere of Discovery/BBC/NHK's "Planet Earth" series this past weekend. This is not just a tour de force of some of the most powerful and precise imagery ever captured in motion and broadcast into the home. It represents the sheer power of HD imagery to place us in an almost mesmerized "lean-back" state of mind -- while the rest of the ad market obsesses about the profitability of lean-forward online video opportunities.
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