• Local Ad Agencies Using Video Across Platforms
    Digital audio ads are also common components of the local media mix employed by agencies, a Borrell poll shows.
  • Handicapping Apple TV+'s Potential
    Despite Apple's 1 billion device user base globally, will its iOS device-only reach limit its initial growth? Will its lack of original content and library (not to mention no licensed content as yet) prove liabilities? Predictions are all over the place.
  • Content: A Tougher, Even More Crucial, Challenge Than Metrics
    Facebook's proposed $40 million settlement and advertiser pressures may help ensure greater metrics transparency going forward, but the "safety" issues surrounding video and other content are the toughest and most critical of all.
  • TV Analyst: Wall St. Not So Bullish About Streaming
    The market is "telling television to change quickly," but is leery of streaming, says TV and radio analyst Marci Ryvicker. Her advice: "Do something different" -- meaning develop emerging advertising opportunities.