• Next Year, Interactive TV Dreams Become Reality
    During 2010 the emergence of the OTT market garnered incredible trade press, but with nary a content library agreement, sans Netflix. There was a period this past year when industry analysts openly questioned the long-term viability of the cable companies. The new media folks, and those that invested in OTT, ate up all the attention discussing this new world order. Their self-confidence, and comments, knew no boundaries.
  • YouTube Foregoing Millions In Bet to Become Video Ad Gatekeeper
    There has been some discussion recently about the decline in importance of YouTube. This is crazy talk," Alex Rowland writes. " YouTube is only going to become more central to the online video ecosystem over the next year." Indeed, YouTube isn't going anywhere, but ultimately YouTube is thriving as a promotional vehicle for media companies and becoming a meaningful commercial unit in Google's business, but not for anyone else. In some ways, YouTube is turning into a fantastic acquisition for Google, but increasingly it is becoming a mere shadow of what its potential once was.
  • Trend Watch: Video Forecasts For 2011
    One thing is certain to happen over the next 12 months: Marketers are going to spend more money on video than they did in 2010. So, that being said, I'll try to avoid the obvious for the rest of the article. Three trend predictions for 2011:
  • How Important Is Creative In The Online Video Marketing Equation?
    Brands, businesses and organizations are fast adopting online video marketing as a valuable tool in their marketing approach. Considering that video marketing relies on the power of messages being shared through social networking, blogs, publications, PR and search, how far will good creative get you? Is a killer idea enough to do the trick or, conversely, can you put lipstick on a pig if you have a hefty enough paid media budget?
  • Let's Go To The Crystal Ball: 2011 Online Video Predictions
    As the end of the year approaches, I am once again prepared to put on record my predictions about what the next twelve months hold for the online video business. However, before I share the results of my crystal ball analysis, I wanted to evaluate how my 2010 predictions fared:
  • Lessons From 'A Charlie Brown Christmas': Simply A Classic
    Dec. 9th marked the 45th anniversary of the premiere of the Peabody- and Emmy-award-winning television special "A Charlie Brown Christmas." The special contained layers of lessons and unlikely themes, touching on topics from commercialism to the biblical story of Christmas (as recited by Linus). But what the special can teach the media industry -- now four and a half decades after its premiere -- is that great content can still draw millions of viewers even though it isn't the flashiest, aluminum-tree production out there. That is a lesson that those of us dealing in the realm of archival online video …
  • Forecast: Trends That Will Shape Online Video
    Last week, my counterpart at DBG, Chris Young, wrote about the seven trends that will shape online video 2011. Here are nine realities that will shape online video in 2011 and beyond.
  • Just Because Your Friends Like It -- Will You?
    As Facebook's "Like" button gains traction and other social media such as Twitter help us follow what our friends and other people we care about are "into" at the moment, we have to ask if you will necessarily "like" the same things that they do? Interesting question.
  • The Future Of Social Video Metrics: How To Plan for Success
    Advertisers that are still judging the success of their online video campaigns solely on non-engagement metrics such as total views or impressions are like most of the people that they are attempting to market to: not paying attention. The Web has shifted over the past few years from a network of sites to a network of people, and the old measurement models must change.
  • Top Seven Trends For Online Video In 2011
    As we count down to the end of what's been an incredible 2010 in the world of online video and advertising in general, I think it's the perfect time to take a look at what trends we'll see emerge and grow in the coming year. Here's what I think we'll be talking about when looking back on what made 2011 more successful than we could have possibly imagined:
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