• Zip Codes Grow Broadcast TV Revenue
    For the foreseeable future, broadcasters will not have the capability to insert addressable advertising at the set top box level. But this technical limitation should not keep the broadcast industry today from investigating interactive technologies that could increase the value of mass media content.
  • Reinventing Video For Today's Buyer-Led World
    Video alone isn't enough to convince prospects to give you 30 minutes, let alone 30 seconds of their time. So how can a medium like video play into this new buyer-led world? To engage today's buyers, we must forget nearly everything we've learned about video of the past and reinvent it as an interactive marketing medium. Here's how.
  • Interactive TV Easy Like Email
    The media and advertising industries are searching for answers on how to tame the destructive forces of fragmentation. But I don't think fragmentation is our enemy. What I really think we are looking for is a way to connect consumers across our two primary platforms (Internet and television).
  • Rethinking Interactive TV Measurement
    While today's interactive experiences include on-screen polling and multiple choice questions, the scale required for nationwide interactive advertising hinges on establishing an engagement formula tied to a single "click." The formula should be as simple as a "yes, no, or maybe" proposition.
  • Closing Out 2009: Trends In Video
    One of my favorite things about working for an ad network is the diversity of partners required to run the business. Those constituents not only represent the lifeblood of your business, but are a potential goldmine of information on trends in the marketplace that can be used for future planning. All you need to do is ask and listen. I've been doing a lot of asking and listening over the past few months, meeting with both advertisers and publishers to learn their priorities and needs when it comes to video. In those conversations, several common threads have emerged. Here they …
  • TV Listings Data Will Be King
    With video content delivery further decomposing into linear, time-shifting Internet, and video-on-demand buckets growing, it will be almost impossible for planners to hit their consumer targets. Fusion with consumer panels, while accepted today, will most likely not be the best way to build flights, as planners need something to help them navigate all the new viewer data. The challenge then is to build a data scheme within today's media-buying software that can help planners make sense of all of television.
  • What Hath Apple Wrought?
    In 1844 Samuel Morse's first message over a 40-mile experimental telegraph from Washington to Baltimore was from the book of Numbers, "What hath God wrought?" He was predicting a bright future for telegraphy by comparing it to the triumphant destiny of Abraham's descendents. Four years later, there were 2,000 miles of lines in the United States. In another four years, 23,000 miles were in use, with 10,000 more under construction. Perhaps it's not a stretch to ponder whether Apple's trailblazing digital media innovations may prove to be as culturally significant as the invention of the telegraph.
  • Scientific Advertising And Free Samples
    Up until this year '' which many consider to be the turning point for interactivity -- television advertising had always been driven by demographics and size of audience. But audience size does not have much to do with the actual product sales generated by each avail.
  • Open The Floodgates: Greater Access To Content Will Raise Studio Profits
    Making movies is like product development. Each new Adam Sandler comedy or zombie spookfest is essentially a new product -- one that must be marketed to a target audience. Meanwhile, the big movie studios are all sitting on 80 or 100 years of library content. Each of those libraries includes hundreds of hit films that have connected with audiences worldwide and are proven commodities in the marketplace. So why can't I buy any movie I want through iTunes? Why can't I order "Saving Private Ryan" through my xBox and watch it after I play "Call of Duty"? Why can't I …
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