• Pandemic-Driven Kid-Related Video Boom: Even DIYs Are Diving In
    As views of kids' videos are spiking and hit classics remain most-watched, kid-oriented DIY videos like workouts and hand-washing how-tos and food-and-drink and science-and-tech videos are also trending up as kids and parents are forced to stay home.
  • Amid The Crisis, Video Ad Inventory Growing, Overall Digital Ad Spend Holding Its Own
    The expected surge in streaming consumption is materializing, and users who say they're planning to spend more on those services have risen, at least for the present. Ad platform data indicates that video inventory is on the rise,eCPMs are down just slightly, and digital ad spend is flat month-to-month, but up YoY.
  • CSM Exec: Streamers Now Need To Go Beyond Content To Create Affinity, Retention
    Content is too ubiquitous to achieve retention on its own -- particularly with even more big-brand new streamers about to debut, says Rob Drury, VP, client partnerships at the CSM agency. Here, he shares his thoughts on what types of new strategies are needed.
  • Disney+ Faces Content Challenges As Coming Rivals, And Now COVID-19, Ramp Up Pressure
    Disney will need to optimize the performance not just of Disney+ but Hulu and its TV networks -- the businesses that should offer opportunity to offset the serious hits from the virus to its crucial theme parks, cruise line and theatrical movie businesses.
  • Netflix Still 'Most Indispensable,' But Disney+ Already Making Strides
    A study by Hub Research also confirms that original content is a major perception advantage for Netflix -- and that perceptions of streamer and network brands are considerably more key in driving viewing behavior than viewers realize or care to admit.
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