• Companion Ads: Are They Necessary?
    Imagine yourself as a digital media planner for a Fortune 100 client (pick your favorite one -- we don't need to get that specific for this exercise to work). You have been asked to develop an online video plan for Q4 2008, with a significant budget to boot. So you send out your RFPs with the usual requirements: professional content only, frequency capping, clickable player, ability to place trackers, accommodate 15-second ads and companion ads, etc. You get your proposals back, and something's not quite right: several of your potential partners can't run companion ads with all or some of …
  • Making Friends And Influencing Influencers
    Over the last year, talks about branded entertainment have picked up serious momentum, and the deal cycle -- from concept to execution -- has become hyper-accelerated. This embracing of entertainment as a marketing platform as opposed to a marketing tool shows a phenomenal trend in rethinking about reaching consumers online. At the intersection of Advertising and Content, though, there is an interesting question that must be asked: "What if people like the content my brand helps produce?"
  • Who's Really Accountable For Live Commercial Ratings -- The Creative(s) Or The Networks?
    As we kick off another Advertising Week in NY, one topic that's bound to be burning up Madison Ave. this year is the somewhat bizarre change in television ratings that suddenly has the television and cable networks entertaining a wide variety of mixed measurements. It seems that in addition to the once sacred program ratings, they are now, in many cases, accountable for delivering live commercial ratings. But, wait... isn't that the job of the creatives responsible for making the commercials? That they are both "watchable" and memorable? What's wrong with this picture?
  • Video From Day 1
    In 1981 there were 200 domains on the Internet. In 1992 that number broke the 1 million mark. Now there are over 100 million domains registered each year, according to ISC. What do you do after the purchase of your Web site domain name? Noted Steven Olson, senior vice president of business development at domain registry provider Network Solutions, "We think there are a lot of opportunities with regards to using video in any small business hosting offering." That's right, you got it -- video.
  • Open Market On Content Protection?
    Recently, there has been a new focus on how to deal with the vexing problem of copy-protecting conten tbound for the consumer. Tech Crunch has reported on an effort to launch a new "Open Market" platform to facilitate a "play anywhere" approach for consumer content. There are essentially three areas that have to examined: First, content piracy occurring BEFORE official release. Second, digital rights management (DRM) implementations that are non-compatible and non-interoperable for content that consumers purchase. Third, an approach to DRM implementations that enables interoperability.
  • The Six Ways To Buy Online Video Inventory Today
    The growth of the online video advertising industry has been nothing short of spectacular. However, significant growth in any online market always leads to a whiplash effect of over investment, vendor expansion, lack of differentiation and general market confusion. The question of "How to Effectively Buy Online Video" sounds all too simple to demand an explanation. That said, we hear it so often that it seems to have fallen victim to market confusion. The answer is clear, but it is entirely dependent on the scale of the reach you are trying to achieve coupled with the relationship between price and …
  • In An On-demand World
    I think we can safely say that 99% of the Video Insider readership has watched an online video clip at some point in the past month. But I'd be curious about how many have watched a full TV show episode on their computer, ever. And of that number, what is the breakout of those who continue to do so, and with frequency?
  • Back To The Basics
    As we can all clearly remember from our high school and college economics classes (wink, wink), price is a reflection of supply and demand -- when demand is greater than supply, there is a shortage and prices increase and vice versa. Now we're in a situation that can't fix itself: There is a shortage of ad space on online full-length programming on broadcast network properties.
  • Using Online Video To Create Your Own Private Media Channel
    There is probably no hotter topic among marketers than the addition of rich media to corporate or brand Web sites. While some might view this as another passing trend, to those who know what they're doing and why they're doing it, the addition of video to their sites becomes way more than just a gimmick or a vanity play. Today, compelling video content is a critical component to building any company's own private media channel. But what's a private media channel -- and why should you have one? Good question.
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