• What Does Search Data Say About The Streaming Wars?
    During mid-August to mid-September, content heavily drove searches for upcoming Disney+ as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but price was the dominant search driver for Apple TV+.
  • Survey: Streaming Subscribers Would Pay $33 For Services; 75% Claim No Interest In New Ones
    The cost threshold is somewhat higher than recent research among all adults. Disney+ fared best among yet-to-come streaming services.
  • Help For Poor Video (Especially Live Streaming) Experience May Be On The Way
    The use of new-breed tech capable of reducing video delays and multi-device playback problems is on the rise, the latest Bitmovin video developer survey finds.
  • Vudu's 'Mr. Mom' Reboot Marks The Start Of Something Big
    It's the first original content from the Walmart-owned ad-supported streamer, which is wooing advertisers with large-scale, transaction-based targeting and shoppable ad formats.