• Online Video Advertising Measures Up
    Are there any of us old-timers in the online ad business who have not struggled with (or been beaten down by) the call for accurate measurement of Internet activity, for years now? If you haven't been on at least five "measurement task forces" and been to at least 10 panel discussions on the subject, then you just haven't earned your stripes.
  • New Formats Can Help Solve DVR Problem
    When TiVo was first introduced, many of us in the television business immediately understood the challenge it posed because we went out and got one--and we stopped watching commercials. Although some of the early panic was overblown, the pendulum has probably swung a bit too far in the other direction. Now network executives are downplaying the effect of the DVR on their businesses. But they're kidding themselves and their shareholders.
  • Video-On-The-Go--Or Placeshifting?
    Frequently when I'm traveling, someone will ask "how can you be watching live TV in the airport on your laptop?" or "how can you receive DirecTV satellite signals and HBO?" Slingbox is the answer.
  • The Next Online Video Network
    Music surely is today's killer app, but as the success of YouTube indicates, video is certain to be the big player as multimedia meets user-control.
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