• Video Measurement Not Cutting It In Real Time, Study Finds
    Most advertisers don't have the measurement tools they need to determine the effectiveness of their online video campaigns. About 60% of marketers say they lack the tools to measure campaign impact, according to analytics firm BrandAds in a just-released study surveying more than 100 agency and brand marketers.
  • Leveraging the Seven Basic Story Types For Video Ads
    According to author Christopher Booker, there are seven basic plots for stories, and nearly every tale we tell falls into one of those categories. By definition this extends to advertising, especially story-driven media like TV and online video. But the type of story marketers choose to tell can have a big impact on how their video ads perform. An internal PointRoll study pulled nearly 1,000 video campaigns at random and found that interaction rates, completion rates, and click-through rates varied depending on the kind of story told in the video ad. Here's a guide to the seven kinds of stories, …
  • How Hard Should Web Producers Try To Get On TV?
    A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we had passed up the opportunity to put our content and brand on TV. A few people emailed me to ask about the details. Here they are.
  • Marketers Eager To Spend on Multiple Screens -- Want Better Cross-Screen Metrics
    The devil is in the details, and the details are in the measurement. Measurement is still an area of online video and multiplatform campaigns that raises many questions, such as what are the best ways to measure across platforms, and should traditional models be used in which GRPs are measured both for TV and online -- or is there a better mousetrap?
  • Advertisers & Viewers Need Search Engines to Break Down T/V's Garden Walls
    T/V (Television/Video) content exists within many kinds of "walled gardens." Created mostly by media content creators and distributors, these have their benefits, but are also ultimately confining for viewers and advertisers. The question arises: Would building more doorways into and through these walled gardens make for a richer, more dynamic business model for advertisers, viewers and ultimately the media providers who rely on them for revenue and profits?
  • How to Succeed At Digital-first Premium Publishing
    As the name would suggest, a digital-first media company has no broadcast or cable legacy media feeding its business. Yet for businesses born and bred digital, the keys to success are not always obvious. Developing an audience and devising the right monetization approach to scale a digital-first media business into to a publishing success story, requires a strategic focus. It also requires solid decision-making on a number of fronts, especially for those in the business of premium video.The question is, what does the continuum of maturity look like for digital-first premium publishing, and how can a publisher move along that …
  • Fair Use: A Legal, Business And Common-Sense Proposition
    Recently, U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin concluded that Google's book scanning amounted to fair use because it was "highly transformative" and "didn't harm the market for the original work." Judge Chin also rejected the Author's Guild theory that Google was "depriving authors of income, noting that Google doesn't sell the scans or make whole copies of books available," arguing that it helped readers discover new books, leading to new income for authors. Finally, Chin concluded that Google did "not engage in the direct commercialization of copyrighted works." The courts have repeatedly stated that commercial use does not nullify fair use.
  • What Does Youtube Really Owe The Content Creator Community?
    This past week, I walked away from an opportunity to have our content on television, because the deal simply didn't make sense. As a result, I was initially going to write about how the best deals are the ones you don't make, referencing an acquisition offer I walked away from in April right before our company's reach and financial metrics dramatically took off.
  • Will Your Brand Shine This Holiday Season?
    With Cyber Monday 2013 projected to set new records for online commerce, which brands will truly shine and capture the most holiday shopping dollars during the pivotal November shopping days and through to the end of the season? The brands that understand the three core tenets of holiday content marketing will drive greater revenues while spreading goodwill and holiday cheer along the way. These tenets are:
  • Netflix, YouTube Dominate Traffic; Football Strong for Video Ads
    So it comes down to this trio in online video: Netflix, YouTube and football. They all dominate in different ways. Here's how.
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