• Streaming Video Takes Over Hollywood
    Hollywood's transformation is reflected in a physical manifestation of the video marketplace, with the biggest houses still owned by legacy media and streaming and tech companies on the rise while linear is on the decline. Business is booming in Hollywood -- and it only seems to be getting better.
  • Is Broadcast TV's Future Over-The-Top?
    While the technology is there, and the consumer sentiment appears to be strong, if there is one thing holding back broadcast's shift to OTT it is the business model. Streaming bundles don't have the profit margins that cable and satellite bundles have, making their long-term futures muddied.
  • Entertainment News Outlets Open Their Pocketbooks On Streaming Video Plans
    "People" magazine and "Entertainment Tonight" are poised to expand live entertainment news coverage.
  • Media And Technology Companies Grapple With How Younger Consumers Watch Video
    Marketers and media and tech companies face the issue of how today's younger consumers will watch video -- a topic of many panel discussions, keynote presentations and discussions during Advertising Week.
  • OTT Viewing Growing Overall TV Viewership
    Samsung Ads based its research on first-party data from some 32 million Samsung smart TVs in U.S. households. These smart TVs not only allow for inputs from connected TV devices, set-top boxes and gaming consoles, but also come built in with access to Samsung's app store, which is a robust OTT ecosystem in and of itself.
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