• The Fight To Capture Younger Viewers: $1B Cash Infusion, $50M Acquisition
    The rise of mobile video, social video and streaming have already dramatically shifted the way we consume video, but both legacy media companies and new upstarts are betting that these technologies will forge a new set of winners and losers.
  • Fresh Off Funding Round, 'Brat' Applies Classic Formula To Gen-Z Content
    "Our goal is to recreate the magic of yesteryear with the original Brat Pack.' How do we take the stylistic elements of that content, like from 'Ferris Bueller' or 'Risky Business' or 'Breakfast Club,' and apply that to today's world of content creators?" Brat co-founder Darren Lachtman tells Video Insider.
  • Streaming Video Takes Over The Emmys
    For the first time in 18 years, HBO did not lead all networks in Emmy nominations, and streaming video was the reason.
  • Watch Out Netflix, Here Comes HBO
    Now that it has moved to streaming video with HBO Now, the company may need to rethink its ethos of quality, not quantity in order to compete with the streaming Goliath Netflix. And according to comments made by AT&T executive John Stankey-who now oversees the company's content group, including HBO-some changes could be coming.
  • Apple Poised To Embrace The Bundle
    Ever since Apple first started picking up original video programming last year, one question has been left unanswered: Where, exactly, will all this video content live? It's no small question either, Hollywood A-listers like Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston have signed on to programming without knowing where it will be available, or at what cost -- or even whether it will have advertising.
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