• Something New Under The Covers: Switched Broadcast
    The latest new technology coming down the path of change is called switched broadcast. This new bandwidth-expanding technology, hotly pursued by MSOs and telecos, makes it unnecessary to deliver hundreds of channels simultaneously to a subscriber's home. This dramatic change in distribution technology, largely invisible to the consumer, allows operators to free up valuable bandwidth behind the scenes for (what else) additional digital services.
  • Online Video Advertising: The Myth of the Inventory Drought
    We hear it all the time: there's a scarcity of inventory for online video advertisers. Although it seems to be the prevailing wisdom, it's simply not true.
  • Online Video: It's Not Your Father's TV
    If you are like me, you were probably amazed at the seemingly endless analyses of the Google purchase of YouTube. Speculation on the rationale runs the gamut--from monetizing each of an estimated 100 million daily YouTube video views, to Google using the site to test reaction to video ads before they are moved to a broadcast or cable network. Whatever turns out to be correct, I am sure Google will help online video get that much closer to competing for the $60+ billion spend on TV video advertising.
  • Corporate Video's Extreme Makeover
    With the explosion in Internet video--news and entertainment, video ads, and 100 million user-generated video clips pouring onto YouTube--has the time arrived for the much-maligned corporate video to get an "extreme makeover"?
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