• Even Old Media's Disruptors Now Suffering From Innovator's Dilemma
    The first time I wrote about the book "The Innovator's Dilemma," it was mainly about print in the new-media landscape. According to Wikipedia, author Clay Christensen's theory was that " successful companies can put too much emphasis on customers' current needs, and fail to adopt new technology or business models that will meet customers' unstated or future needs; he argues that such companies will eventually fall behind." As an example of how new medias disruptors are now suffering from the innovator's dilemma, just think of how sites like BusinessInsider or TechCrunch may have first disrupted Business Week or Fortune -- …
  • Cord-Shaving & Mobile Viewing Rise, Report Says
    Over-the-top viewing is on the rise, most consumers watch some TVs and movies online, and now Netflix has won an Emmy. Clearly, the sky is falling on traditional TV and multichannel service providers. Right? Maybe not.
  • How Data Can Help Marketers Get Smart About Video Ads
    Video is hot. In June, 183 million Americans watched more than 44 billion online videos, according to comScore. They also watched a record of more than 20 billion video ads, which reached more than half the U.S. population. These are impressive numbers. But did these ad campaigns enhance the company's brand with the right consumers? Answering this question conclusively is the key to the continued growth of online video advertising.
  • Six Reasons To Create An Online Video Strategy
    It's no secret that online video is booming. The average American watches 22 hours of video each month. A recent comScore study reports that 187 million Americans watched nearly 50 billion online videos in July 2013. With numbers like that, you'd think that businesses large and small would be rushing to create their own branded video content. On the contrary, only 24% of national brands are using online video to reach potential consumers, and only 22% of small businesses plan to create online video in the next 12 months So for the small business owners and brand managers who have …
  • Binge Viewing Changing Media Biz -- Netflix, YouTube Calling Shots
    Last week, Machinima laid off 10% of its staff. The company will redeploy capital to other areas. While both it and fellow MCN Maker Studios are on top of YouTube patterns, it's worth examining what Netflix is doing to feed a voracious audience's appetite for content.
  • More Video, Everywhere: The Internet Bandwidth Dilemma
    More than 1.2 million online videos will be watched today in the United States alone. Cisco's Visual Networking Index estimates that video delivery monopolizes more than 50% of current Internet bandwidth, creating the main source of Internet bottlenecks -- and ultimately, the primary cause of consumer frustration over poor performance. The ability to distribute these videos in the high-speed manner that consumers expect is not keeping up with increases in technological innovations.
  • Binge Viewing Grows In Popularity, Boosted By Netflix
    One of the first studies ever on this relatively new phenomenon reports that nearly two-thirds of bingers prefer a combination when it comes to their viewing, according to video services company Piksel, formerly KIT Digital, which commissioned the online study.
  • YouTube Didn't Create The Problem
    There are more than enough articles going around right now railing against YouTube for unfair treatment of channel owners. I myself have been vocal on the shortcomings producers and publishers face when they build their business models entirely around the platform. However, I feel that I need to make a clarification: The problem has never been YouTube's.
  • 8 Ways We Grew Our YouTube Subscribers 8-Fold In 8 Months
    Last week, Tubefilter released its monthly list of top 100 global YouTube channels. My company's channel jumped 49 slots from number 99 to number 50. It didn't really sink in how impressive that was until random folks came out of the woodwork to ask me what was causing the spike.
  • Head-On Collision Ahead: Guaranteed Viewability Meets Multiplatform Video GRP
    3MS (Making Media Make Sense) is an initiative that the IAB, the ANA and the 4As are leading -- an ambitious effort to create consensus across industry stakeholders. The goal is to create "digital measurement solutions, which will enhance digital media planning, assessment and comparison." Because most ad budgets for major advertisers are earmarked for traditional television platforms year after year, this seems the only viable way to really bring some of the exciting new digital video formats and technologies into consideration.
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