• Time With Video Underscores Need For Fine-Tuned Cross-Media Placements
    The amount of time spent watching digital video on mobile phones and tablets doubled in 2012, and about one-third of the total time spent watching video on tablets last quarter was devoted to premium, long-form content.
  • My Roku Experience - And What It's Taught Me About Pre-Roll Ads
    I finally broke down and bought a Roku box. It was easy enough to set up, although not so easy that I'd recommend my dad go out and get one for himself (that would only serve to annoy both him and me). I signed up for Netflix and Hulu Plus and a few other channels, and proceeded to settle down to see what all the fuss was about.
  • Behind 'House of Cards': Harbinger Of...What?
    Netflix's "House of Cards" has been the talk of the media industry since it was released. It has spurred numerous articles and discussions about binge watching, original content, cord cutting, and the future of video in general. Most of the dialogue is centered around Netflix as a disrupter for two reasons. First, its release model that made the entire season available at once, and second, by its investment in original content. I agree that Netflix has done two bold things - but they aren't harbingers of anything huge just yet. My thoughts below are intended to bring some perspective to …
  • How DailyMotion Could Survive And Thrive
    In January 2011, Orange acquired 49% of French company DailyMotion for $78 million. Last month, it paid $80.6 million for the remaining 51%. While the $168 million total consideration is a tenth of what Google paid for YouTube, it does mark the largest video deal in a while: Aol/5Min, Discovery/Revision3, Google/Next New Networks, Collective Digital Studios/Metacafe all cost far less.
  • Ads Latch Onto One-Quarter of Videos Now -- CPG Dominates
    This much is a given: We're all seeing more online video ads in the programming we watch digitally. But how much more, and where are the ads coming from? I did a little digging and pulled together some information. You're not imagining that you have more time in between programming. In fact, the number of ads in digital video content has grown by nearly two-thirds year over year.
  • Myth-Busting: The Truth About Mobile Video RTB
    Video, mobile and real-time bidding (RTB) are all hot buzz words in the digital advertising industry, but many marketers and industry thought leaders may not be giving mobile video RTB the credit it deserves.
  • Will YouTube's Subscription Push Kill Cable?
    YouTube, Google's all-powerful streaming video giant, has plans that will soon dramatically change how consumers access some video. According to reports, YouTube is preparing to push paid subscriptions for some of its partner channels later this year. It's not particularly surprising, and in the age of cord-cutters and slowly shrinking cable subscribers, it's not even all that revolutionary. Still, YouTube's decision to charge subscribers will start a ripple that could very well turn into big waves for online and traditional content owners.
  • Lifestyle Or Entertainment Content: Does It Really Matter?
    This past week I was talking to a media executive and told him about our 2010 decision to shift away from generic lifestyle content (skewed towards females) towards pop culture infotainment that men were interested in. He looked at me like I was an alien, asking: "Why would you do that?"
  • Video Viewing Rises, But Growth Rates Slow
    If you're watching more premium video online it's because, well, you are. Total video views for rights-managed programming jumped 23% year over year, according to the recently released report from online TV technology company FreeWheel, which tracked about 52 billion video ads and 43 billion video ad views in 2012.
  • Love Is On The Air
    In time for Valentine's Day, the Archive of American Television opens its vault to find out what our interviewees had to say about some of TV's classic relationships:
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