• What I Watched
    Each year, right about now, my credit card company sends me a report detailing all the charges made to my credit card during the previous 12 months. It organizes the charges by category into a colorful pie chart. My wife and I can see how much was charged to the card last year for gas, groceries, entertainment, apparel, etc. and what percentage of total expenditures each category represents. My browser history (before I delete all) is there. But I have no access to my consolidated online video viewing history. Fragments of the record exist here and there, but there is …
  • Building A Brand, Finding Your Voice The Old-Fashioned Way
    In life, you're either wrong -- or you're right until you're wrong. Unless you're blessed with a distinguished editorial voice from the get-go, finding one's point of view is arguably the toughest challenge for any media company.
  • A Video Player On Every Page
    Today's online publishers have to work much harder to keep audiences engaged and to earn revenue from advertising. Not only do they have to offer interesting content in as many media formats as possible, but they also need to generate revenue from every space of their property. Publishers who can manage this balance will likely enjoy larger, more engaged audiences and happy advertisers. Unfortunately, the most lucrative and engaging medium - video - is often left out. And, I don't mean having a video section or a few videos that accompany articles. I'm talking about having a video player on …
  • The Ad Opportunities In Long-Form Video
    According to comScore, nearly 85% of the U.S. Internet audience watches approximately 40 billion content videos monthly. That sounds like a big audience worthy of major advertising dollars. Upon closer look, the average video length consumed by this audience remains between five and six minutes, and has stuck within that range for the past few months. This shows that online video is still dominated by short-form clips, much to the detriment of marketers and the ad industry. Short-form is great for pre-roll, but not for pulling in TV-like budgets from major brands. That will largely come from long-form content.
  • Will Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Contribute To More Cord-Cutting?
    On Feb. 1, Netflix released its original production of "House of Cards." I believe this $100 million investment can and will help Netflix accelerate the changing face of what we used to call television, and can now refer to as T/V (television/video). Here's why:
  • Seven Lessons From J2/Ziff Davis' Purchase Of IGN
    After acquiring Ziff Davis in November 2012 for $167 million in cash, cloud computing services company (the eFax guys) J2 Global Inc. is rumored to be buying IGN Entertainment from News Corp.
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