• Video In My Backyard
    As we pontificate about all things video, we tend to pass over the little guys and focus on bigger opportunities. With national having the big guy footprint, local media outlets are all too often brushed aside....
  • The Tale Of The Tape: In-Page Vs. In-Stream
    Decisions, decisions. Paper or plastic? Coffee or tea? Yankees or Mets? For advertisers preparing to launch an online video campaign, add a new one to the list: in-page or in-stream.
  • Four Ways to Improve Your Online Video Ads
    Online advertising has made enormous strides in recent years. Yet few ads, especially in the video space, have kept up with the rapid developments in technology that separate the Internet from traditional media....
  • Pushing For The Sale
    One large opportunity has been underutilized in online video ads: direct response purchase options originating from the ad unit.
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