• Kraft Really Cooking With IPhone App
    From a video ad serving perspective, one recent branded iPhone app that wins one of my personal best-in-class awards for deep functional utility, creative simplicity and great ad insertion is Kraft's "ifood assistant" application. First, it's not free. Which is faux pas number one for branded apps. But at 99 cents, let's just say the content really overdelivers.
  • Cloud-Based Video Editing And Collaboration
    Digital Nonlinear Editing (DNLE) systems have existed for more than 20 years as hardware/software alternatives to dedicated standalone silos. So what's next? Editing on the wire.
  • Media Ratings Council's Approach Is Straightforward
    Announcements come and go in regards to companies trying to capture part of the ratings business from Nielsen Media Research. Just as quickly as the announcements get made, and the beta product launched, these companies discover they need to have their measurement technologies validated in the eyes of the industry.
  • Study Highlights Online Video's David to TV's Goliath
    Over the past couple of years, online video has been the focus of a considerable amount of research. That research generally falls into two classifications: dollars and usage. The "dollars" type focuses on revenue, usually along the lines of what percentage of marketer spend goes to online video now and in the future. The "usage" group typically focuses on user interaction. Both are important pieces of the puzzle as the medium grows into its own. This month, eMarketer released an important report focused on the dollars category.
  • Beyond The 30-Second Spot: Online Video Trends
    While online video advertising is certainly driving ad dollars to the Web, there is more to it than commercial spots. We've all heard the stampede of advertisers with slashed marketing budgets dashing online. Still, if you haven't jumped in yet, there's no better time than now to get started. So what are some online video options for digital marketers?
  • Third-Generation Television
    Today television is transitioning from the second to a third generation -- and it's all about Internet-Video- to-the-TV. One reason is that an abundance of connection sockets in flat panel televisions enables a multitude of Internet-connected devices to mate with the TV.
  • The Lost Opportunity Button
    From V Cast, Hulu and iTunes to in-flight and on-demand, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of digital content distribution platforms out there. And more are popping up every month, it seems. For studios and television networks, the question is deceptively simple: how will you get your content everywhere it needs to be seen?
  • Breaking Down The Google/On2 Acquisition
    This past week, Google made the news yet again in online video, buying the company On2 for $106.5 million in stock. In talking to colleagues and scrolling through the blogosphere, I find there seems to be a significant amount of confusion surrounding this deal (myself included). Looking at the deal and its implications more closely, here's what I've found....
  • Did The 'Entourage' Crew Really Put The Squeeze on Comcast and Time Warner?
    This past week I "witnessed" the wildest story ever: how the "Entourage" crew stepped up to help progress Internet-delivered television. I know this story seems beyond comprehension, and I wouldn't believe it either if mega agent Ari Gold hadn't reached out and offered to do even more. But before I get to how he wants to help, you just have to hear how this all came to be. And before you say no way as I did, remember sometimes reality is stranger than fiction....
  • Metrics Muddle: The Struggle For An Online GRP
    OK, I know the issue I am about to tackle is a hotbed of controversy, but I am going to do it anyway. It's just that I can't stand by and watch so much being said in the industry, in the press and in conference rooms everywhere without speaking up on the topic of the online GRP. To date, I do not believe the models that have been proposed and published take the concept far enough or are even well developed enough to merit usage. Among other missing pieces, the models that I have seen proposed lack an element that …
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