• Mobile-Only Internet Use Grows
    The desktop-only world is shrinking. Smartphones are taking over. And that means marketers and advertisers will need to keep building for increasingly mobile-centric video users.
  • Business-Related Videos Thrive In Desktop & Work Environment
    While the rise in online video consumption of news, sports and TV shows has garnered most of the attention lately, brands and businesses are also reaping the benefits of online video quite nicely too.
  • Mobile Phones Are Video Delivery Devices
    Mobile video traffic is on pace to grow nine times in volume over the next five years. That's the word from Cisco in its newest Mobile Visual Networking Index, which has become a bible of sorts for the mobile video business.
  • Smart TVs Command Majority
    Connected TVs have reached a large majority of U.S. Internet homes, according to a new report from The Diffusion Group.
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