• Why Now Is The Time To Shift TV Ad Dollars To Online Video
    Online video viewership is reaching new highs each month, presenting a perfect opportunity for media buyers to tap into the massive video audience. New research from Nielsen revealed that during April 2011, Americans streamed 14.7 billion videos, a record for the most streams in a month. In addition, non-premium video site YouTube's usage was at an all-time high in April 2011, with viewers watching 8.7 billion streams, up seven percent from the previous month. Yet most advertisers are still only comfortable buying the 10% of premium online ads that offer comprehensive data about their content.
  • TV, Transformed: What Digitization Brings To Brands
    Video ad campaigns delivered online give advertisers the ability to understand who is watching, how much of it they are watching, and how different creative and format types are impacting viewer engagement. These actionable insights provide brands the opportunity to get an immediate and accurate snapshot of campaign performance, and develop more effective creative based on viewer behavior and needs.
  • Content Production, Distribution and Monetization Scale Differently
    All businesses strive to be scalable, but many that appear scalable turn out to be anything but -- and vice versa. Nowadays, thanks to cheap hardware, open source software and social media marketing, technology companies can be launched with a fraction of the investment once required. Content companies, however, still require material investment to scale. In video, the only things that most content entrepreneurs have to show for, other than bruised egos, are shattered dreams and wasted millions. This article certainly isn't about kicking anyone when they're down, but recognizing that production, distribution and monetization scale differently -- which will …
  • Online Video: Segmenting The Current Media Darling
    New media trends last about a day and a half in the digital marketing business. And now it is online video's time to bask in the limelight like a shiny new coin, vying for media buyers' attention and dollars. It has moved within a year from the hot media with great CPMs for publishers and high engagement for advertisers to a rapidly maturing channel that lives in the same neighborhood as mobile and search, or at least the adjacent zip code, with mobile and tablets subletting nearby.
  • Media Buyers' Guide To Video Shopping
    Attention, media buyers: If you are evaluating online video with TV metrics like GRP and TRP, please be aware of what you are actually buying. If you go bargain basement shopping for the lowest video CPMs hoping to maximize your reach and frequency at the lowest cost, you are going to come up short on realized ROI.
  • The Killing: Did Twitter Change The History Of The Universe (You'll Have To Wait Until Fall)?
    It's official. Here's my favorite headline of the 2010-2011 TV season: "The Killing: Worst Season Finale in the History of the Universe?" That gem was the header of Portland Mercury's editor in-chief Wm. Steven Humphrey's recent blog post.
  • Mobile Video Ad Market Actually 5x Bigger Than Analysts Think
    The mobile video market has grown so rapidly over the last six months that it has caught a lot of folks off guard. As a result, research firms such as eMarketer are underestimating current and projected mobile video advertising revenue by a significant factor. Most of these firms expect revenue from mobile video advertising to hit $50 million for the 2011 calendar year, but I believe this number could be closer to $250 million. That's five times current industry expectations.
  • 10 Reasons Why PR Professionals Should Be Using Social Video
    I've often argued that video is a tool of social media. So as many social media responsibilities are being taken on by PR departments, we are seeing public relations teams becoming more actively involved in the creation and deployment of social video content. Viral videos, branded entertainment, web series videos and video game trailers top the list along with original, entertaining product launch videos. This new breed of video content, rather than simply supplementing the efforts of PR teams, is often spearheading them.
  • Social Media Videos: The Custom Creative Paradox
    Would you send your friend a Pampers TV commercial to watch? Of course you wouldn't, unless it happened to be unusually funny or otherwise compelling. He or she could see that on TV any day of the week.< This is the crux of the problem with social media videos: In their anxiousness to get involved with social media, marketers continue to repurpose the same old TV commercials on Facebook and other social platforms for their friends and followers. And that's just wrong.
  • Online Video Content: Adapt for 'Any Screen' Consumption, Or Bust
    It's no longer a matter of "I want to watch X when I get home"; it's "I want to watch X on my nearest screen." It doesn't matter what your nearest screen is -- a smartphone, tablet, PC or even TV. People are transitioning from delayed gratification of watching where and when media is being pushed to them, to instant gratification of watching where and when they are pulling media to their (mobile) devices. As a content-generator, that means you must work to remove any barriers that keep the user from getting to the desired content: your mobile content.
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