• Weather Scores Big On Solar Eclipse-Streaming Video
    The solar eclipse was a boon to The Weather Channel's digital properties, which racked up 12 million total solar eclipse views, including 8 million via video-on-demand and 4 million related to its live coverage, "Chasing Eclipse 2017. Weather said it racked up the most video views in a single hour, exceeding those of a previous live "viewing" event: last October's Hurricane Matthew.
  • Social Platforms Eager To Cash In As More People Consume Video Content
    An eMarketer forecast estimates that U.S. digital video ad spending outside of social platforms will reach $13.23 billion this year, up 23.7% from 2016. By 2021, that spending is estimated to reach $22.18 billion.
  • What Solar Eclipse? There's A New Top Banana...
    Popular culture -- and the advertising world -- is obsessed with the upcoming solar eclipse. On Aug. 21, whoever happens to be in the moon's 70-mile-wide path will get to experience a few minutes of darkness when the moon blocks the sun. While many brands have tried to find a link between their products and the solar eclipse, at least one seems to have found a slender thread of connection: Chiquita.
  • Streaming Video Services Capitalize On Product Integrations
    Streaming video has quickly become a cornerstone of consumers' daily entertainment diet, and many pay for multiple streaming services. The audiences for shows on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu are beginning to rival or surpass those for broadcast TV programs.
  • Comedian Kevin Hart Launches 'Laugh Out Loud' Streaming Video Service
    The streaming service, in partnership with Lionsgate, will feature original scripted and unscripted comedy series, stand-up specials, licensed programming and live broadcasts.
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