• No Commercials? No Problem. Brand Integrations Thrive On Streaming Platforms
    Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may be commercial-free, but that doesn't mean they are off-limits to marketers seeking exposure to relevant consumers.
  • A Twitter Turnaround? Live Video Efforts Raise Hope For Social Giant
    Twitter is in the midst of a massive strategic pivot. While the site still encourages stream-of-consciousness tweets (just look at President Trump's feed), the company has bet its business on live video.
  • YouTube Seeks To Soothe Advertisers After Logan Paul Controversy
    YouTube is taking action to soothe two of its most important constituencies -- and its community of video creators -- as it continues to grapple with the fallout from a controversial video uploaded by the popular blogger Logan Paul.
  • SpotX Links Up With Amazon Web Services
    The video ad-serving platform SpotX announced today that it was linking up with Amazon Web Services, allowing for interoperability on the tech giant's cloud platform.
  • What Will 2018 Bring For Online Video?
    2017 was a banner year for over-the-top video, and digital video in general. Paid OTT "skinny bundles" now have millions of subscribers, new niche entrants made their mark, and advanced video advertising continued to evolve and mature. But now it's 2018! Video Insider asked executives in the OTT, ad tech and programming spaces to predict the big stories this year.
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