• The Dark Side Of Live-Streaming Video
    As live streams continue to gain in popularity in the eSports world and in other digital entertainment genres, the platforms that host those live-streams will need to grapple with the possibility that the reach and connectivity they provide may have unintended consequences.
  • Netflix Pours Cold Water On Reports That It Is Adding Ads
    Netflix is testing out a new placement for promos for some of its original series: in between shows.
  • Streaming Video Services Pour Resources Into The Home Screen
    For companies founded with technology in mind, like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, it is an obvious point. For media companies just beginning to enter the arena, like Disney, Time Warner and NBCUniversal, it may require thinking differently.
  • Overwatch League Finals Show Esports Bulls AND Bears
    Is esports the future of live sports -- or is it a fad that will remain niche entertainment? Last week's Overwatch League finals showed esports' strengths and weaknesses.
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