• Is Online Video A Legal Danger For Your Business?
    >Online video continues to boom, with an explosion of content, technologies, communities and campaign spending. But what hasn't been discussed is the increase in legal problems for businesses with online video -- and the fact that most marketers today still have no idea what the legal issues with online video are.
  • The Case For User-Verified Online Video Content Viewing
    Periodically and with increasing speed, the Internet goes through a transformation, which is today being defined by digital video. Thanks to innovative communications providers, the continued expansion of broadband and availability of faster download speeds to anyone with an Internet connection, video is now the new frontier on every device. Many are rushing to get a piece of the "action" and now, just like a growing community, we need to build the proper infrastructure to measure and value digital video.
  • Curating Content Is Similar To Counting Sand. Both Are Possible, But Why?
    I think curating content is critical at times, while at other times, machines are your choice pick. This article will discuss some tips on how to use curation and the machines that do it for you and can offer the best content to your users.
  • RIP Social Media (As An Ad-Supported Business)
    It was a tough week for "social media." Web 2.0 poster boy Kevin Rose resigned from Digg, while Tech Crunch's Sarah Lacy claimed that Digg was altogether dead.
  • OTT Threat Is Overstated
    ome of the OTT "over the top" providers politicize their mission by directly attacking the cable and broadcast industries, supposedly on behalf of abused consumers. Searching to find truth in these statements I took it upon myself this past year to install several OTT boxes. I wanted to figure out for myself how real this OTT threat is to the TV industry.
  • The New Landscape Of Video
    While the Oscars were on, 37 million watched the annual extravaganza. The Super Bowl was also well attended this year, but these truly broadcast moments that capture a nation's and a world's attention are fewer and farther between. Things have changed in the new world of viewership and there are opportunities in this shift of screens for marketing.
  • Online Video: The View From Mars
    I was going to give my view of online video from 10,000 feet up -- but decided that was still too close. So let's back it up even further and take a look from Mars. Every day, I read stories declaring that online video is either the wave of the future, is already dominating the online marketing industry, is failing to live up to the hype, or that online video has stolen your wife or husband, run away to Barbados with half your money and is staying in your timeshare, drinking that bottle of Merlot you were saving for your …
  • Will The Real Hulu Please Stand Up?
    Contrary to popular belief, it is good for your competitors to succeed. Unless their success comes at your peril, high valuations benefit all category leader; the online video advertising business is no exception to this rule.
  • Viral Videos: Five Questions to Ask Yourself
    During the past month alone, I have received eight client requests to produce "viral videos." While it can be tempting to just say yes, it is important for anyone contemplating a viral video to honestly assess five questions to determine if they really want to proceed with the chase:
  • The Rise Of Video Is Forcing Ad Networks To Rethink Strategy And Partnerships
    The number of ad networks has mushroomed in recent years. Some of them were born from technologists building a better mousetrap; others resulted from the Rolodex of sales executives who caught the entrepreneurial bug. The result was the same: the ability to sign large, high-volume, low-margin deals to place ads on countless of sites.
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