• Piracy And Securing The Digital Media Supply Chain
    The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) estimates that U.S. studios lose more than $3 billion annual to piracy. Consider recent issues: "American Gangster" is pirated and available on DVD for $5 two weeks prior to its theatrical release. The Writers Guild of America and studios negotiate for important slices of the digital media pie.
  • Engage, Interact, Sell
    At the turn of the century the insurance industry was presented with new technology that would allow their agents and brokers to condense claims processing and other paperwork from the typical 90-120 days to just -- amazingly -- a few hours, potentially saving these companies millions of dollars. But the typical sales cycle for a technology company to sell in their innovation was about 18 months, and in some cases this extended timetable occurred even without any competitors in the picture. I fear we are seeing the same type of scenario in the online advertising world, especially as it relates …
  • TV Advertising: Getting It Back In Focus
    There are bookstores filled with advice on how to reinvent your business. Network television is filled each week with feel-good stories of against-all-odds, everyday folk who overcome tremendous obstacles to win. It is a common theme in life to possess the desire to achieve and move yourself -- and perhaps the world -- a little bit forward.
  • Looking Back Through The Numbers
    As the year comes to a close, I thought I would have my last article include a variety of statistics and facts regarding online video. While I have been slightly disappointed in the adaption of video from a business standpoint, there is no denying the fact that users are gravitating towards the format.
  • Ask The Experts: The Future Of Online Video Advertising
    With 2008 approaching and the WGA writers' strike continuing to weigh heavily on advertisers' minds, SpotXchange CEO Michael Shehan sat down with Denuo Group, Publicis' Senior Vice President Tim Hanlon to discuss the future of video -- on and offline.
  • Marketing on YouTube: How to Promote Your YouTube Videos With Article Marketing
    YouTube videos instantly turned William Sledd, a Gap store manager in Paducah, Ky., into the hottest style guru on the Internet. Now with almost 60,000 subscribers and millions of views, this YouTube blogger turned Internet celebrity is the owner of the fourth most popular channel on YouTube....
  • The Next Video Innovation: Ad Assembly Automation
    Online video sparks excitement in the minds of marketers clamoring to participate. Why? Because, the mantra heard at all marketing/advertising tradeshows over the last 18 months has been: "A huge move to video is coming and if you don't get onboard, you'll miss the train!" As a result, marketers have developed interactive departments in droves, and everyone is getting up to speed quickly with how to incorporate online video advertising in their overall ad mix.
  • Game On: Checking Out The Digital NFL
    The NFL Network, in its second year of broadcasting, began airing games just two weeks ago for the 2007 season. However, because many cable operators refuse to pay the estimated 70 cents per subscriber monthly fee the NFL is charging, an estimated 43 million households have access to the channel, compared to more than 94 million homes for ESPN. This past Thursday I visited NFLNetwork.com to check out the digital offering, knowing there would be plenty of other fans also tuning in for the game since they were blocked from the cable broadcast.
  • Digital/Traditional Integration Efforts Abound -- But Are They Real Collaboration Or Just Co-Existence?
    The recent flurry of announcements touting new marketer/agency integration models suggest that more marketers, holding companies and their agencies are convinced that re-bundling both above- and below-the-line services under forced integration and collaboration will actually result in more holistic, truly integrated campaigns. Who's zooming who?
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