• Are You Making This Fatal Video Content Mistake?
    So you click on a video, and there it is: the dreaded pre-roll. But you sit through it because in order to watch what you want, you're forced to watch an ad. And that's the contrast that matters: Video content created to attract a willing audience, vs.video ads that are forced onto an unwilling audience. So given that contrast, you would think that the producers of online content videos would shun, if not banish, the mindset and strategies for creating pre-roll ads. But you'd be wrong.
  • 57% Of Consumers Rely On Product Videos
    If your brand doesn't produce product videos, start now.Consumers are watching them, viewing them, and making purchase decisions on e-commerce sites because of product videos.
  • Still Site-Serving Video? It's Costing You
    Ninety percent of all display and rich media is served through third-party ad servers (3PAS). Ask any online marketer, and they'll tell you any number of rational reasons for doing it this way -- such as the ability to optimize, retarget and assure valid and consistent data, not to mention the sheer hassle that's involved with site serving. In the display world, 3PAS is a no-brainer. So why is it that 80% of the 11.3 billion video monthly ad views are site-served directly via publishers?
  • What Convergence Means For Digital Video
    The critical differences between TV and digital are twofold: one, today TV remains relatively unmeasurable compared to digital; two, TV content drives discovery and community dialogue in a way that digital doesn't. But at some point in the near future (five years, perhaps), meaningful convergence will occur, and the content on your TV device will be both accessed and measured precisely the same way as digital devices are. In addition, the digital original and user-generated content will be easily available on that same device. That convergence will disrupt the uneven flow of advertising and subscription revenue across the spectrum, leaving …
  • Can Online Video Content Create The Next Great Media Empire?
    Most entrepreneurs these days are influenced by the likes of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, but that is because they're building tech companies. For those who are building media companies, there's a good chance that they look up to the likes of Walt Disney, William Randolph Hearst or Rupert Murdoch. As a content company entrepreneur myself, I often wonder if online video content is well-suited to spawn the next Murdoch or Hearst. Given online video's unique attributes, I sometimes doubt it.
  • Video's Changing Metrics Landscape
    A year ago, the concept of replicating TV-like audience guarantees -- the currency of paying only for audience members, as defined by age-sex, delivered in-target -- was merely fodder for panel moderators looking to provoke lusty debate about the merits of GRP reporting in digital. Fast-forward today, & the jury -- major agencies and brand advertisers -- have spoken with their wallets & ushered in the adoption of third party audience validation as an arbiter for campaign performance, with Nielsen's OCR & comScore's vCE competing for primacy.
  • Second-Screen TV Services Poised To Grow, But Business Needs Standards & Scale
    Second-screen services are a bit like the online video business a few years ago. Second-screen is the new hot area that has a lot of promise, but getting started can be daunting. There's a chicken-and-egg situation going on because the second-screen business hasn't scaled yet when it comes to mobile content synced to TV shows, and standards don't exist.
  • Ad Or Content: Why Are Advertisers Asking This Question?
    There's been a lot of buzz across the digital blogosphere touting the growth and benefits of branded entertainment, as advertisers transition from selling a product to producing their own content around the product. Some brands are shifting from the 15- to 30-second preroll to placements that are as long as five minutes, and YouTube has begun selling longer ad placements that are skippable to encourage brands to create ads that look and feel more like content. While there will be brands who will find great success in this, my concern is that some brands are jumping into branded content too …
  • The ABCs Of Video Ad Management
    Selecting an ad management platform in today's rapidly evolving video technology space is a complicated process. Here are some factors to keep in mind.
  • Is That Light At The End Of The Online Video Tunnel An Oncoming Train?
    According to eMarketer, online-video advertising spending is expected to top $4.1 billion this year, up 41% from 2012. Any way you look at it, that's a healthy growth rate -- any way, of course, except the following:
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