• Et Tu, James Bond? Rumored Streaming-First Feelers Have Cinemas Both Shaken and Stirred
    While it insists its new Bond flick is not for sale and will debut in theaters next spring, MGM's reportedly having floated selling the movie for a streaming debut on Netflix, Apple or another service is another ominous sign for cinemas.
  • ViacomCBS Unveils Global Streaming Structure, Headed By Pluto TV's Ryan
    Marc DeBevoise, ViacomCBS chief digital officer and ViacomCBS Digital president/CEO, will leave the company after serving as an advisor for a transitional period ending at year's end.
  • AVODs: U.S. Users Hit 17%; Audience Older, Less Wealthy Than SVODs'
    Nearly one in five U.S. internet users report watching AVOD services in Q3 -- up from 13% in Q3 2019, per Ampere Analysis research, which also finds that AVODs and SVODs are to a significant degree not competing directly for the same audience.
  • Nearly A Quarter Of Streaming Adults Use AVOD Regularly
    Compared to 21% of streaming adults who use AVOD regularly, 69% report watching subscription-based video services/SVODs regularly, and 10% report watching virtual MVPDs regularly, according to a just-released VAB survey.